Prayer for Persecuted Christians – Recent Reports

18 March 2020

This meeting was cancelled because of COVID-19 measures, however notes for prayer were prepared and are included here for personal use.

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Please note the items below are only a selection from four pages of extracts and links to recent reports concerning the persecution of Christians around the world.

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Tribal animists in central India drove a Christian family into the jungle last week, with one later intercepting their 9-year-old girl and threatening to kill her if she went to school again, her father said.
Violence against Christians in India hit a new level on March 4 when Hindu extremists ran their motorcycles over a key evangelical leader after beating him, sources said.
Armed with bamboo rods and a thick metal chain with a heavy lock on it, the 10 Hindu nationalists in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh state beat Isaac Paulose, 48, and then ran their five motorcycles over him, fracturing one of his ribs, said Uttar Kumar Deep, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Sehore.
Not finding the Christian evangelist they planned to attack at home, worshippers of village deities in central-eastern India beat his mother, wife and 11-month-old son and destroyed a year’s food supply, sources said.
False charges against eight Christians acquitted on Feb. 19 of kidnapping and forcible conversion in central India have traumatized families and cost them jobs, sources said.
Schoolteacher Amiya Jal, one of the Christians arrested on May 22, 2017 for allegedly abducting and forcefully converting 59 children, was suspended from his job at a reputable school while he spent 103 days in jail unable to obtain bail, he said.
INDIA: Church Demolition – Voice of the Martyrs Canada


In Nigeria, Rikiya’s name comes from the biblical prophet Jeremiah and means “exalted by the Lord.” However, at times, that blessing has been difficult to see.

“Please keep praying”: Leah Sharibu’s mother speaks on second anniversary of Leah’s abduction – Open Doors UK & Ireland – with video

“Stand up for Leah Sharibu”: Nigerian pastor calls for ceaseless prayer for Leah two years on – Open Doors UK & Ireland – with video


Morningstar News

The pastor of a church in eastern Uganda faces a dilemma after receiving threatening messages from Muslim villagers last week.

Islamist gunmen murder 24 including worshippers and pastor in north-east Burkina Faso – Barnabas Aid

4 Feb: Islamists in DRC slay Christians with a view to creating new caliphate – Worthy News

Please see full notes for information on Turkey, Bangladesh & Finland.

The latest updates on Asia Bibi can be found on this page.

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