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16 October 2019

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14 Oct: Christian Slain in Kaduna State, 13 Others Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria – Morningstar News

Bartholomew DavidMuslim Fulani herdsmen killed a young Christian man after stopping him on a highway in Kaduna state on Oct. 5, while in Plateau state another 13 Christians have been slain in less than a month, sources said.

Armed herdsmen stopped the vehicle of Bartholomew David, 23, and a female passenger shortly after he had dropped his sister off at the Akilbu railway station, about 70 kilometers (43 miles) from the city of Kaduna on the highway to Abuja. They took David and the woman, who had requested a ride from him to the Akilbu station, into the wilderness, Akilbu resident Enoch Barde told Morning Star News.

“As he was coming back he gave a lady a lift to Akilbu, and on their way the kidnappers stopped them, took them inside the bush and shot him to death, and the girl ran,” Barde said, citing information he learned from the young woman. “The girl said the herdsmen kidnapped them because they were Christians. She told the police the same thing.” Cont/…

10 Oct: Christian Woman Killed in Kidnapping of Four Baptists in Nigeria – Morningstar News

Less than a week after Muslim Fulani herdsmen kidnapped six teenage girls from a Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria, another attack in the same county led to the killing of a Baptist woman and the kidnapping of four others from the same church, sources said.

Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed Ezra Haruna, a member of Godiya Baptist Church in Ungwan Barau village, in an attack on the village near Udawa in Chikun County, Kaduna state, at 4 a.m. on Monday (Oct. 7), a church member told Morning Star News.

Four other church members, including Jummai Ido, the church pastor’s wife, were kidnapped in the attack, said Godiya Baptist Church member Joseph Umarau. Cont/…

7 Oct: Six Girls, Two Staff Members Kidnapped from Christian-Run High School in Nigeria – Morningstar News

A day before the Kaduna governor said kidnappers terrorizing the state are working with Boko Haram, Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Thursday (Oct. 3) kidnapped six teenage girls and two staff members from a Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria, sources said.

Engravers’ College signSuspected to be herdsmen who have carried out numerous kidnappings and attacks in southern Kaduna state, the armed Fulani at 12:20 a.m. invaded Engravers’ College in Kakau Daji village, in Chikun County Local Government Area near Kaduna city, as students and staff members fled into the bushes, the sources said. The eight victims were taken away at gunpoint.

Kaduna Gov. Nasir el-Rufai told media on Friday (Oct. 4) that “bandits,” the term used by officials and Nigerian media wary of connecting the kidnappings to their fellow tribal Fulani, are working alongside elements of Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. Cont/…

30 Sep: Boko Haram Executes Two Christian Aid Workers in Nigeria – Morningstar News

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremist group Boko Haram released a video last week showing the execution of two Christian aid workers in Nigeria, sources said.

Godfrey Ali Shikagham (left) and Lawrence Duna Dacighir before their execution
Screen capture from Islamic State’s Amaq news site of Christian aid workers Godfrey Ali Shikagham (left) and Lawrence Duna Dacighir before their execution by Boko Haram. (Morning Star News)

Lawrence Duna Dacighir and Godfrey Ali Shikagham, both members of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in Plateau state, are shown kneeling while three masked, armed men stand behind them in a video posted Sept. 22 on Boko Haram’s Amaq news agency site. The two young men, who had gone to Maiduguri to help build shelters for people displaced by Islamic extremist violence, are then shot from behind.

Speaking in the Hausa language, the middle one of the three terrorists says in the video that they have vowed to kill every Christian they capture in revenge for Muslims killed in past religious conflicts in Nigeria. Dacighir and Shikagham, originally from Plateau state’s Mangu County, were captured by Boko Haram, now called the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), as they carried out their work in displaced persons camps. Cont/…

18 Sep: New report reveals that Nigeria has highest number of missing people – Open Doors UK

A new report from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has revealed that Nigeria is the country with the highest number of missing people in the world. Many of those who are missing have been kidnapped because of their faith, or displaced by faith-based attacks.

The report was published on 12 September, showing that 22,000 Nigerians have been registered with the ICRC as missing since 2013. This number is just those who are still missing, and does not include those who have subsequently been found or released. Cont/..

14 Oct: Boko Haram Leader Ends Silence with Vow to Continue Violence – ICC

Just yesterday, the longtime leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau released a message restating the group is committed to its cause and will not stop fighting. He was responding to recent comments by the Borno State governor about the new amnesty referred to as the safe corridor program. This allows members of the terror groups to recant and receive rehabilitation training without penalties for their actions.

Shekau used the video as a way to say that Boko Haram has never forced anyone to join them and that they are still dedicated to creating an Islamic Caliphate. He went on to say “I want to tell the governor that we are not tired yet. We have not even started. It is our wish to die fighting. We are on top of our game and by the grace of God we are going die doing this. We are still here.” Cont/…

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