Prayer for Persecuted Christians – Recent Reports

11th October 2018

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14 Sept: World Watch Monitor
Nigeria: Dozens more killed as Fulani herdsmen violence continues in Plateau state

In Nigeria, dozens lost their lives during the first week of September as Fulani militants continued their killing spree in the central state of Plateau.

Last month, more than 20 people – including a pastor and four members of his family – were killed in various raids attributed to Fulani militants, as World Watch Monitor reported. Among them were Rev. Adamu Wurim Gyang, 50, and his three children, who were set ablaze and burnt beyond recognition, while his wife, Jummai, 45, was shot and left to die in a pool of blood when Fulanis stormed their Abonong village on 28 August.

Since then, the violence has continued, with more attacks in the same area and elsewhere.

7 Sept: World Watch Monitor
Nigeria: Pastor and three sons burned alive among at least 20 killed in latest Plateau massacre

A spate of attacks, in which at least 20 were killed in Nigeria’s central Plateau State over the last week of August, has shattered peace efforts by religious and political leaders in its capital, Jos.

Three months ago, heavily armed Fulani militants stormed 15 villages across the same Barkin Ladi Local Government Area (LGA), predominantly Christian, over the weekend of 23-24 June, killing more than 230 in a “co-ordinated military style”, as described by the local Stefanos Foundation.

More than 11,500 people were forced to seek refuge in 13 locations across the state, while an undetermined number were injured.

21 Sept: World Watch Monitor
20+ Nigerian Christians drown in river attempting to escape Fulani attackers

A pastor was one of at least 27 people who lost their lives following fresh attacks carried out by Fulani militants on five predominantly Christian communities in northeast Nigeria in recent days. Many of them drowned as they attempted to escape via the local river.

Various sources contacted by World Watch Monitor confirmed that the attacks took place between 13 to 16 September, and affected the villages of Gon, Bolki, Ndumusu, Yotti and Yanga, in Numan local government area (LGA), Adamawa state.

This is the same area where 3,000 homes were destroyed in December 2017, after fighter jets sent by the Nigerian Air Force were alleged to have fired rockets at villages where Fulani herdsmen were attacking Christian residents, according to a February report by Amnesty International.

4 Oct: World Watch Monitor
Leah Sharibu’s mother pleads with Nigerian president as kidnappers threaten to kill daughter

The mother of the Christian girl detained by Boko Haram for over seven months has called on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to secure her daughter’s release.

Leah Sharibu, 15, was one of 110 girls kidnapped on 19 February 2018 from a school in Nigeria’s north-eastern town of Dapchi, in Yobe state.

Within a month, all the others had been released, but not Leah – the only Christian – as she refused to renounce her faith.

On 16 September, Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP), a breakaway faction of Boko Haram, announced that it had killed a Red Cross worker, Saifura Hussaini Ahmed Khorsa, and threatened to kill three other hostages, including Leah.

18 Sept: CSW
Nigeria: Hostage executed, others threatened by Boko Haram

The al Barnawi faction of the Boko Haram terrorist group has executed one of three female humanitarian workers it seized in March and has threatened to kill the remaining hostages, including school girl Leah Sharibu, unless the Nigerian government responds to its demands.

Midwife Saifura Husseini Ahmed, 25, who worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was abducted on 1 March along with fellow ICRC worker and midwife Hauwa Mohammed Liman, and nurse Alice Loksha Ngaddah, a UNICEF employee. Their abduction followed an attack in Rann, Borno state, in which two humanitarian workers from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), one from the ICRC and another from UNICEF, were murdered.

In the video depicting her execution, Saifura Husseini Ahmed is seen wearing a white hijab, and is shot from behind. An unidentified terrorist spokesperson proceeds to complain that the government had ignored written and audio messages, and describes the murder as “a message of blood.” He goes on to state that “the other nurse and midwife will be executed in similar manner in one month, including Leah Sharibu.”

Video: Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Nigeria: Hated For Following Jesus, Even By Family


5th Oct: Prophecy Today
Kurdistan Mission Update

Once again I’ve been privileged to visit an area of the world very few manage to get to. If truth be told, without us knowing of someone going there and hearing about the people and their circumstances, we’d be none the wiser. I’m deeply conscious of the enormous privilege I have in being called to the Muslims of Kurdistan along with suffering Christian and Muslim refugees of the Nineveh Plains. Is there a place more needing of the good news, the great balm of Gilead, than the land where Jonah was sent and where Nahum served the Lord?

This was my third visit, each time flying into Irbil in the semi-autonomous region of Iraq known as Kurdistan. The ‘work’ in Iraq has pretty much settled into three different areas:

The Kurds living in the border region with Iran
Refugees in Irbil
Returning refugees and Muslim inhabitants of the Nineveh Plains
There is nothing easy about evangelism in this part of the world. Great care needs to be taken at all times. The costs of leaving Islam remain high – Shariah shows no mercy to apostates. Even though many Kurds are leaving Islam they are not necessarily all turning to the God of Scripture. Some who have turned to Messiah are bold enough, while others, understandably, remain cautious.

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