Prayer for Persecuted Christians – Recent Reports

17 July 2019

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The People’s Republic of China

16 July – ChinaAid: Chinese Officials Crack Down On Christian Fellowship, Detain Believers

ChinaAid recently learned about activity by authorities in Beijing against believers who attended a Christian fellowship in a restaurant on April 1.

Reports say an Assembly of God Church in the area held a women’s fellowship at Jinshilin Restaurant in Chaoyang District, Beijing, on the first day of April. 22 attendees prayed together and welcomed four members who returned from an Israel trip.

According to a believer named Ms. Yin, servers often came in and out of the room unprompted. The next day, Yin and another believer were detailed and interrogated at the Chaoyang Police Station. Yin managed to flee to the United States after her administrative detention expired.

14 July – ChinaAid: Pastor of Zion Church pens letter describing family’s persecution

Note: The following is a letter written by Jin Mingri, also known as Ezra Jin, who serves as the pastor of Zion Church in Beijing. As one of China’s large, unregistered megachurches, Zion Church has suffered much at the hands of the authorities. Now, Jin writes of the difficulties his daughter, Grace Jin, is facing as she attempts to travel to the United States for school.

13 July – ChinaAid: Bureau chief forbids children from singing hymns

The director of the Dafang County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau in China’s southern Guizhou province told a church in the region that it is illegal for parents to teach Christian hymns to their children and spread Christian thought.

The church, which is located in the countryside, was raided by a law enforcement officers recently, according to a video clip posted online. The officials gave the church an administrative penalty notice, and when the Christians asked what law they broke, the Bureau’s director, Xie Mingxing, said, “It is illegal for you to teach your children to sing hymns and to spread [Christian] thoughts.”

11 July – ChinaAid: ‘God grant the right of worshipping,’ Guizhou Church stands firm against harassment by authorities

On Sunday, June 30, authorities in Guizhou province broke into Zion Reform Evangelical Church during worship. Officials reportedly subjected congregants to inquiry and confiscated some church possessions.

When asked to sign official documents, church leader Zhu Jieheng wrote down “God grants the right to worship” to demonstrate the church was not subject to the mindsets and activities of the authorities.

10 July – ChinaAid: Chinese authorities continue to threaten landlords so they will never rent property to church

Chinese officials continue to crack down on underground churches by threatening landlords.

In late June, the Xuzhou Municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau in Jiangsu Province issued a 100,000 yuan (roughly £12,000) fine on June 26 to two landlords who rented venues to a house church meeting at Wanda Plaza, Tongshan, according to reports.

8 July – ChinaAid: Early Rain Covenant Church members recount persecution, attend worship In Taiwan

Liao Qiang and several family members arrived in Taiwan last week after fleeing China.

His attendance at a Sunday church service in Taipei represents the first time Qiang worshiped publicly since authorities shut down Early Rain Covenant Church last December, the Associated Press reports.

7 July – ChinaAid: Early Rain Covenant Church affiliate held in office basement for months

6 July – ChinaAid: Police form human wall surrounding Xunsiding Church after shutdown

7 July – Bitter Winter: 100 Shanxi House Church Believers Forced to Renounce Faith

9 Mar – Bitter winter: Christians Sing Hymns as CCP Removes Cross from Church

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10 July – ChinaAid: Extradition bill deemed a “total failure” according to Hong Kong chief executive

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16 July – Bitter Winter: 37 Countries Support Xinjiang Camps for Uyghurs at the United Nations

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