Prayer for Persecuted Christians – Recent Reports

Download our recent notes (with more details) as a printable PDF: Iran & Iraq

Extracts from notes for 10th May 2018

Follow the links given for the full report in each instance.


We looked at three brief reports from the recent Elam Ministries Prayer Letter. This is not available on line, but our PDF notes contain brief reports about:

  • Ahmad’s story;
  • Thousands receive New Testament during Norouz celebrations;
  • Christians who have suffered in prison need ongoing prayer.

The final one of these features the current situation of jailed Hadi Asgari. You can read more about what is happening to him in the following report.

2 Apr. Mohabbat News – Iranian Christian Convert Denied Bail in Court

Iranian Christian convert, Hadi Asgari, 40 years old, was convicted of “action against national security through evangelism and sentenced to 10 years in prison and a two year ban from leaving the country.

Iranian judicial authorities denied Iranian Christian, Hadi Asgari, temporary release on bail, ordering him to be kept in the infamous Evin prison until his appeals court hearing.

Asgari’s family made every effort in their ability to secure his temporary release before Norouz (Persian New Year). However, Iranian authorities postponed any review of his case to 20 days after the Persian new year. He has been held in jail for 19 months without leave. Cont/…


On 4th May, Prophecy Today (an on-line Christian magazine) carried a report of work amongst refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.

You can read it here: Latest updates from outreach in Iraqi Kurdistan.

It features the work of Mark van Niekerk, a South African missionary, working with an Israeli Messianic group called Voice in the Wilderness. Its founder, Antony Simon, was killed about this time last year in the region.

Notes from previous prayer sessions in PDF format: