Prayer for Persecuted Christians

A group of people from across the churches in Market Drayton meet together on a monthly basis to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. If you are motivated to support our suffering brothers and sisters you would be very welcome to join us. At each session we usually focus on one or two countries where persecution is occurring. Through videos and information accessed via the internet we try to understand more of the opportunities and difficulties encountered by members of His Church who are suffering because they identify themselves as believers in Jesus Christ.

We meet on the afternoon of the third Wednesday in each month apart from in November, when we meet on the Saturday before the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (normally the third Sunday of November in the UK).

Next meeting

Wednesday 19th June, 2:00 to 3:30pm

Venue: Market Drayton Methodist Church Lounge
Shrewsbury Road, TF9 3DL

Future dates: 17 Jul, 21 Aug & 18 Sep.

For information about the countries we prayed for
in May please click here

Archives of the notes from our previous 5 meeting are also available

Updates after the Sri Lanka Eater Sunday bombings

In May we prayed for the situation in Sri Lanka, which is complicated by the fact that in a predominantly Buddhist country, where religious minorities are often marginalised, members of one of those communities targeted members of another. Besides the death and injuries from the bombings, there is now rising tension between the various communities, with even Pakistani Christian asylum seekers being forced out of their homes by Catholic groups angry at the bombings. On 13 May the government introduced a curfew in order to protect innocent Muslims who are now suffering from reprisal attacks.

A full list of links are available in the notes from the May session. Below are two powerful videos we watched:

Asis Bibi Updates

Available here.

On 8 May it was announced that Asia Bibi had been allowed to leave Pakistan, and it is thought that she had gone to Canada to join two of her daughters. Less than a week later a would be assassin published a video stating that he was now in Canada and determined to track her down and kill her. Links to fuller reports on the above page.

There are a number of Christian ministries with bases in Britain which seek to support persecuted believers in many different countries. We draw on information and resources from them all for our prayer times. To visit their websites, please click on the logos below. ( and China Aid do not to have offices in the UK.)

Elam MinistriesBritish Pakistani Christian Association Logo
Persecution.orgChina Aid Logo

For more information on these prayer meetings please contact Randall Hardy