Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Prior to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of people from across the churches in Market Drayton met together on a monthly basis to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. At the start of 2021, the ongoing situation means our meetings are suspended for the foreseeable future.

In January, Open Doors launched their updated World Watch List 2021. This provides information on the 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution. We encourage you to make use of their on-line resources.

Below are links to three films which are helpful in understanding the faith and endurance of our brothers and sisters who prefer to endure suffering and death rather than deny their Saviour. With the current situation, and us all spending more time at home than we might wish, it is hoped that these resources will help you to understand more of what they have been experiencing for some time.

The Insanity of God

This film was inspired by the experiences of American missionary Nik Ripkin and his family, as they discovered that they did not know how to minister to believers who were being persecuted for their faith. The film relates some of the accounts gathered by Ripkin as he travelled to many countries to learn first hand from persecuted Christians what gives them hope in their sufferings.

This hour and half film can (at present) be watched in full and for free by registering at the Revelation Media website. The following video is the official trailer.

Both the film’s official website – The Insanity of God – and the author’s website – Nik Ripken Ministries – both have more information, including details of the book by the same name.

One Ruler – The Power of Persecuted Church

In countries where Christians are persecuted and suppressed, Christianity is increasing rapidly. This has happened, for example, in China and more recently in the Arabic world. How do persecuted Christians see their life and faith? What is the secret of their success and why does the number of Christians tend to rise in the midst of persecution?

Western Christians have had freedom of faith for a long time. But, are we now approaching the crossroads where our societies are increasingly turning against Christian values? This documentary brings a perspective to persecution which can make Western Christians stronger.

Produced in English by the Finnish Hurttimurtti TV production group, this forty minute video is a challenging presentation. More information can be found on the film’s web page.

Sheep Among Wolves

Based mainly on the experiences of Iranian Christians, this two hour film by American group Frontier Alliance International, considers what lessons Western believers might learn from the way which Christians in that nation have adapted to living without the freedoms we have taken for granted. What these missionaries encountered in that nation and the surrounding region has changed the way these young men and women view their own faith.

This is the second film with this title, more information about the first one and the FIA can be found on their website.

For those wishing to be informed about the ever-changing situation for persecuted Christians around the world, the following are a selection of Christian ministries which seek to support persecuted believers in different countries. Those listed first have offices in the UK. Please click on the logos below to visit their websites.

Elam MinistriesBritish Pakistani Christian Association Logo
Persecution.orgChina Aid Logo

For more information please contact Randall Hardy