Prayer for Persecuted Christians – Recent Reports

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Extracts from notes for 8th March 2018

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27 Feb. Open Doors – India: Videos show Hindu nationalists attacking Christians, burning Bibles

Shocking videos have emerged of Hindu extremists burning Bibles and harassing and abusing Christians carrying religious literature.

The two incidents, which were verified by Christians in the area, were filmed in southern India. In both videos, mobs of Hindu extremists threaten and abuse Christians who were transporting Bibles and religious pamphlets. They steal the books and Bibles and empty them onto the road.

23 Feb. BPCA – Indian govt admits rise in religion-based hate crime

India’s pro-Hindu government has presented detailed statistics in parliament showing a surge in religion-based violence since it came to power four years ago.

The data reveals the veracity of reports provided by human rights agencies for the duration of the Narendra Modi regime.

In 2017, 111 persons were killed and at least 2,384 injured in 822 cases of sectarian violence, the highest figue in the past three years. In 2016, 86 persons were killed and 2,321 injured in 703 incidents of religion-based violence.

5 Mar. World Watch Monitor – India: Six Christians injured following Hindu attack over baby’s burial

Six Christians were badly injured and a house torched in an attack by Hindu extremists in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, following the death and burial of a Christian baby.

The incident occurred on 27 February in Tangaguda, a town in Malkangiri District, where three Christian families live alongside 35 Hindu families, a local source told World Watch Monitor.

After one of the Christian families lost their two-year-old daughter, they prepared for her burial but were opposed by Hindus who demanded that the girl be buried outside the village, the source said.

2 Mar. World Watch Monitor – India: Tamil Nadu continues to lead the way in violent attacks on Christians

After a year in which hate crimes against Indian Christians happened at a rate of almost one verified incident per day, the state which registered the most incidents in 2017 (over 50) – Tamil Nadu – continues to see outbreaks of violence.

In the first two months of 2018, the United Christian Forum has already counted nine incidents in the southern state, including the mysterious death of Pastor in Kanchipuram District.


6 Mar. Open Doors – On International Women’s Day, remember Christian women in rural Egypt

8 March it is International Women’s Day, which gives us an opportunity to focus on our persecuted sisters. Christian women are often doubly vulnerable because of both their gender and their faith, and yet many are incredibly courageous in reaching out to others.

Women in rural Egypt are often seen as less important than men, and being a Christian in this Muslim-majority region creates additional challenges. But local partners of Open Doors are teaching Christian women in rural Egypt about their true value through discipleship groups.

5 Mar. Open Doors – Egypt: ‘God had a different plan’

Samiha is a remarkable lady.

It’s been just over a year since the day when a man ran into the women’s section of Cairo’s St Peter’s Coptic Orthodox Church and detonated the bomb strapped to his chest. The women’s section where Samiha was sat. The peaceful atmosphere of the church vanished, to be replaced with screams, darkness and smoke. Qalini, Samiha’s husband, rushed over from the men’s section, desparately searching for his wife; he couldn’t find her.

Samiha says what happened next. “I found my face wrapped by medical clothes. The doctor asked me, ‘Is your name Samiha Atopi?’ I said yes, that’s my name. He then asked me, ‘Is your husband’s name Qalini?’ I said yes. Because I hadn’t been identified, they had given me a number. Ninety-nine. No one recognised me because of my face.

27 Feb. Open Doors – Egypt’s hidden story: The girls who disappear

“A Muslim boy from an extremist group tells a Christian girl he loves her and wants to convert to Christianity for her. They start a romantic relationship until one day they decide to ‘escape’ together. What the girls don’t know is that they are actually being kidnapped. Most of the time they will not marry their kidnapper but someone else.”

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; that their child will be groomed and lured away by someone who plans to take advantage of them. In Egypt, this cruel trick is being used by Islamic extremists to deliberately target Christian girls, to bring shame on their families and tear their communities apart.

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