Prayer for Persecuted Christians

CA group of people from across the churches in Market Drayton meet together on a monthly basis to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. If you are motivated to support our suffering brothers and sisters you would be very welcome to join us. At each session we usually focus on one or two countries where persecution is occurring. Through videos and information accessed via the internet we try to understand more of the opportunities and difficulties encountered by members of His Church who are suffering because they identify themselves as believers in Jesus Christ.

We meet normally on a Thursday evenings, but in November we meet on the Saturday before the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians. This year that is on Sunday 19 Nov.

Next Session

Thursday 14 September, 7:30pm

Venue: Wollerton URC School Room, Wood Lane,
Wollerton, TF9 3NY [Google Map]

Future dates: 12 October and 7 December, meeting at the same location.

Saturday 18 July – IDOP meeting starting at 10:00am
Venue to be confirmed.

For a list of news reports we prayed for on 10 Aug.
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Parliamentary Debate
Persecution of Christians: Role of UK Embassies

On Tuesday 4th July a Parliamentary Debate was held in Westminster Hall which focused on the plight of persecuted Christians around the world. The debate was held between 9:30-11:00am, and was initiated by Jim Shannon MP. Various links are available for those who missed the debate:

A personal summary of the debate by Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, can be found here on the BPCA website. The Christian Institute’s report on the debate is located here.

Three remarkable accounts of forgiveness and faith from Egypt in the wake of the Palm Sunday bombings

“This Year” by Zhang Xiuhong

Published by China Aid on 6 March 2017

This year
I didn’t hear the sweet voice of my baby,
I didn’t embrace the wanderer come back from afar,
I didn’t see my loved one’s thin and weak figure,
I didn’t have heart-to-heart talks with my sister,
I didn’t taste the delicious food prepared by my mother-in-law,
I didn’t bask in the rays of the morning sunlight,
Or take a stroll as the sun sets.
Or ride on a high-speed train to go somewhere.

This year, the sound I often heard,
Was the slam of metal doors, sharp and piercing,
This year, the sight I often saw was hopeless eyes,
This year, the food I had every day was the unchanging “three dishes and a soup,”
This year, the farthest I went was less than 1,000 meters away,
This year, I received a staggering fine,
This year, I saw the judge of my case twice, not at the court, but where I’m being detained.

Was this a tough year for me? Painful? Lonely? Living each day like a year? Absolutely not!
This year, I was never in a dark place while waiting; the sun above the clouds shined upon me and nourished me;
This year, I was never homesick;
This year, I enjoyed the bounty of grace because my trust in the Lord who called me brought me unspeakable glory and joy;
This year, the world drifted farther away from me;
This year, my Lord drew ever closer to me;
This year, I received the fruits of the Lord’s Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control;
This year, I bathed in His love;
This year, my soul broke free from the metal bars of prison and soared in the Kingdom of God;
This year, I lived in hope and divine promises….

To find out more about Zhang Xiuhong and the background to her poem please see this article on the China Aid website: Christian prisoner pens poem while facing hefty sentence

Update 7 Aug. 2017 – China Aid today reported that Zhang Xiuhong had been released from prison after two years with her faith fortified by her experiences. Falsely accused Christian emerges from 2 years in jail, stronger in faith

There are a number of Christian ministries with bases in Britain which seek to support persecuted believers in many different countries. We draw on information and resources from them all for our prayer times. To visit their websites, please click on the logos below. ( and China Aid do not to have offices in the UK.)

Elam MinistriesBritish Pakistani Christian Association Logo
Persecution.orgChina Aid Logo

For more information on these prayer meetings please contact Randall Hardy