Prayer for Persecuted Christians

A group of people from across the churches in Market Drayton meet together on a monthly basis to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. If you are motivated to support our suffering brothers and sisters you would be very welcome to join us. At each session we usually focus on one or two countries where persecution is occurring. Through videos and information accessed via the internet we try to understand more of the opportunities and difficulties encountered by members of His Church who are suffering because they identify themselves as believers in Jesus Christ.

We meet normally on a Thursday evening, but in November we meet on the Saturday before the International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Venue to be confirmed.

Normally we meet at Wollerton URC School Room, Wood Lane, Wollerton, TF9 3NY.
Provisional dates for early 2018 – Thursdays 11 Jan, 8 Feb & 8 Mar.

For information about the countries we prayed for on 18 November at our IDOP meeting please click here

An appeal to pray for persecuted Christians around the world, but especially in Pakistan & Britain by Nathan Gill, MEP for Wales and Member of the National Assembly for Wales.

Reports on the two specific cases Nathan mentions can be accessed via the following links:

Third Christian teenager killed by Muslim in three months as Pakistan declared unsafe for minorities.
British Pakistani Christian Association – 7 November 2017

Pakistani Christian ‘attacked by Muslim gang’ for putting Remembrance poppies on his car
The Express Website – 30 October 2017

Download a printable two page PDF containing extracts from both reports.

Fulani Fugitive from Islam in Nigeria
Endures Persecution as a ‘Lifestyle’

Dramatic conversion, effective evangelism come at high cost.

Morning Star News, September 22, 2017 reported the remarkable story of Habibu Adam Mohammed, 49, an Islamic teacher who had longed to die as a Muslim martyr before he became a Christian 21 years ago.

 Habibu Adam Mohammed. (Morning Star News photo)The 3,000 word report is too long to quote here but is well worth reading. It begins with an account of how one man pretended to be a Christian in order to kill Mohammed. The report also tells of his conversion and the desire “to die a martyr in these conflicts fighting for Islam, because I believed that it was only through this way that I can go to heaven.” Things changed when an employer’s Christian wife began to pray for him, but whilst he found a peace with the God of the Bible, he suffered hatred from his family and the wider Muslim community. The day he was chased out of the family home his father shouted behind him, “A reward of three hefty bulls awaits anyone who brings me the dead body of Habibu, my son, who has now become an infidel.”

Click here to read Mohammed’s testimony in full.

Three remarkable accounts of forgiveness and faith from Egypt in the wake of the Palm Sunday bombings

There are a number of Christian ministries with bases in Britain which seek to support persecuted believers in many different countries. We draw on information and resources from them all for our prayer times. To visit their websites, please click on the logos below. ( and China Aid do not to have offices in the UK.)

Elam MinistriesBritish Pakistani Christian Association Logo
Persecution.orgChina Aid Logo

For more information on these prayer meetings please contact Randall Hardy